• softscope (License: BSD-2)
  • dataplot: turn into libdataplot and dataplot application (License: BSD-2)
  • mechsim/common/mechsim: rename (mechsim is not a mechanics simulator) (License: BSD-2)
  • acrobot-software: containing psopt code (from psopt/), visualization (from mechsim/acrobot), LTV-LQR stuff (from mechsim/acrobot/ana), possibly ODE stuff
  • acrobot-hardware: Acrobot hardware related files (CAD, schematics, etc.)
  • walker: TBD, walking experiments, Cartwheel controller, visualization
  • mcgeer_walker: stuff from mechsim/mcgeer_walker (finished project)
  • Move .tex documentation into XRP wiki


  • mechsim/common/gijit: top-level project at nfbraun, eliminate dependencies at xrpbot repos (License: GPL v2+)
  • robot_fw, doc/bootloader.txt: top-level project at nfbraun, rename to balancebot-v1 (License: GPL v2+)
  • old xrp repository, containing all the rest (License: unspecified)

Open questions

  • How to handle general-purpose electronics? (e.g. PSU protect)